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    Get Started Today With Only TWO Cabins!

    • Family Reunions
    • Destination Weddings
    • Church or Organizational Groups
    • School or Continuing Ed Trips
    • Conference or Retreat Travel
    • ANY Vacation where multiple rooms/cabins are booked

    Whether you are planning a vacation or incorporating 2 cabins or 200, we are here to help you with every detail of your trip. You can rest easy knowing we will take great care of you, while saving you time and money. We've worked with hundreds of groups just like yours, and specializing in making group vacation dreams a reality! From family reunions and destination weddings to military and corporate retreats (and everything in between!) we guarantee to be with you every step of the way, and make this the best travel experience you can imagine.

    How We Help

    • No additional cost or contracts- we invest in YOU!
    • Negotiating and finalizing a group contract with the cruise line or other vacation provider.
    • Securing any and all available discounts and amenities.
    • Securing the best possible group leader bonus.
    • Creation and distribution of materials and invitations—we'll even create a website with a custom URL for you to promote your trip.
    • Custom registration forms for your group that make it easy on your guests and you.
    • FREE upgrade to our Deluxe Service Package.
    • Arrange for group functions, including dinners, exclusive excursions, etc.
    • Anything else you may need or desire can be arranged at either no cost or reasonable charges.
    • We can arrange to host Cruise Nights, in person or virtually, in which you can invite potential members of your group to learn more about the trip.

    We are happy to help you in any way necessary, so if you have additional ideas or vacation dreams, talk to one of our friendly agents! We will leave no stone unturned to guarantee your vacation will be everything you've hoped for and more.

    Extensive studies have shown that utilizing incentive travel in business leads to building workplace morale, driving productivity and overall, increasing your bottom line. Whether you are considering incentive travel for your clients, employees or as a promotional tool, contact our office today to see the myriad of ways incentive travel can benefit your business.

    Our knowledgeable associates would be happy to walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. If you have additional needs or ideas, don't hesitate to call us! We pride ourselves on our ability to find a solution for any business travel need.


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    From Our Clients...

    Booking a Vacation is FUN!

    "In today’s environment, booking vacations is hard. Why? There are a million and one websites out there that all have information on them. You can look at peer reviews until you are blue in the face. Is this ship really that bad? Is it the best thing ever? Is the resort awesome? Was it an isolated incident? Who knows. And sorting through all of them and figuring out what is real and what is somebody making a mountain out of a mole hill takes time.

    Which is where Theresa comes in. We love working with her for our vacations. It generally involves a quick phone call giving her a budget and the vibe we are looking for. And then go on an awesome vacation. No pecking through reviews and pricing that should be written in hieroglyphics. Just straight up advice and no nonsense planning.

    Prior to using Theresa’s team, I would spend hours planning and routing and reading. Now? I pick the phone up or I email the awesome team and they take care of me and we get to enjoy our vacation.

    If you are booking a large group or an intimate vacation, I highly recommend Theresa and her team. Awesome to do business with and they make vacations FUN!"

    – Ben - Atlanta, GA

    Easy and Stress Free!

    "I used TravelPerks to book a family vacation and had the pleasure of working with Theresa. She is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to get you the best deals. I am a customer with lots of questions and she was extremely patient with me and was always prompt answering all my emails. I definitely recommend using TravelPerks for all your vacation needs and their bonus deals are a plus. Thanks Theresa for making vacation planning easy and stress free!"
    – Linda - Sacramento, CA

    Lifetime Customers

    "TravelPerks has always taken such good care of our cruise plans and always provides updated information as it becomes available. We are lifetime customers of TravelPerks!" 
    – Jeff W. - Celebrity Silhouette

    Unique Travel Experiences

    "TravelPerks provides us their unique personal touch on all of our cruises to make it successful" 
    – Leslie Gaffney - Former Executive @ Sony

    Not a Single Thing To Worry About

    "TravelPerks was excellent and very efficient to do business with.  All our questions were answered in a timely fashion by phone and email and I liked the fact that all representatives worked with us as a team.  Thank you for organizing an amazing week for us." 
    – Lucille D. - RCCL Navigator of the Seas

    Never a Single Problem

    "We've never had a single problem with the people or the bookings at TravelPerks. I talked with someone in the shuttle to LAX and their holiday was a booking disaster so I gave them your web address with high recommendations.." 
    – Robert C. - DisneyLand Vacation