7 Destinations You Can Visit Now!

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Image 7 Destinations You Can Visit Now!

We have all got the travel itch, but it has been difficult to figure out how to scratch it in recent months. With the globe in various states of shutdowns, it feels impossible to know where you could even go right now. We sit at our desks dreaming of a tropical beach while we type mindlessly away at another email, not actually sure when we will get to see that beach in person again. Well, the answer is: sooner than you probably thought. We have hand-picked seven of the best destinations for you to visit THIS January!

The Bahamas, located off the coast of Florida, boast over 700 islands for you to enjoy. Sink your feet into white sandy beaches while you listen to the waves crashing at your feet. The Bahamas have a lot to offer, their local cuisine features ‘johnnycakes’ which are like cornbread and beloved by the locals. They also host an annual pineapple fest, one of the sweetest events you could attend. There is no shortage of things to do, snorkel between islands, take a boat tour, or sit back and relax at one of the stunning ocean-front resorts.

St. Croix is a beautiful island country with a lot of unique offerings. For the adventurer in all of us, you can hike through the jungle to discover the Annaly Bay Tidepools. This hidden spot is the ultimate place to spend a rejuvenating day. If you want to experience a diverse range of wildlife, head to the Buck Island Reef. This island is surrounded by a coral barrier reef, making it a diverse ecosystem for all kinds of sea life. Go scuba diving and discover this natural wonder for a once in a lifetime experience.

St. Kitts is the ultimate relaxation destination. This country boasts a variety of luxury resorts & spas making it the perfect place to unwind. Enjoy a leisurely day at the St. Kitts Golf Club or being pampered with a massage. For an experience your whole family will love, explore the island on the St. Kitts railway. This 30-mile rides cruises along the coast of the entire island. This destination has something in store for the thrill-seeker in all of us. Take a canopy tour of the forest while ziplining through the trees. This island offers diverse activities for the whole family to enjoy.

St. Barth’s capital city Gustavia is the ultimate destination for shopping and culture. The town center is bustling, filled with locals, tourists, and cuisine from around the island. The port is also located in the city, filled with boats ready to take you out snorkeling or diving. If you are looking for some rest and relaxation, head to the Grand Cul-De-Sac, the island's longest beach. This stretch of white sand is surrounded by palms and ocean on two sides, making it the perfect spot to kickback.

St. Lucia boasts two large volcanic plugs called The Pitons. These mountains jut out into the ocean, creating a stunning view. These volcanic structures are open to hiking, but only with the help of a local guide. If volcanos are not your thing, St. Lucia has a wide variety of relaxation for you. Step into luxury at the Sandals Resort and Spa or join a wellness retreat for a little extra “me-time.” The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens feature over 1300 different plant species. Take advantage of a relaxing stroll while you enjoy the tropical nature surrounding you.

Antigua/Barbuda is the ultimate adventure destination. Take exploring to another level and tour the island on four-wheelers. After an adrenaline-filled experience, relax, and enjoy a lunch cruise around the area. Antigua offers a huge variety of water activities, from parasailing to scuba diving, you can go out and enjoy almost every watersport in between. Like its neighboring nations, this island boasts some of the most luxurious resorts and spas to enjoy while you stay in Antigua and Barbuda.

Bonaire is located just north of South America. This tropical destination features some of the best natural wonders of any on this list. This island is home to stunning caves and caverns. Embark on a tour that will take you snorkeling through these impressive structures. Looking to experience luxury for a day? Take a private catamaran tour of the island and kick-back in the middle of the ocean. Bonaire has a deep and rich culture that tourists can experience as they take a walking tour through the city. This island nation has much more to offer than you ever could have imagined. 

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