Cruising is the Safest Way to Travel in Today's World

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Image Cruising is the Safest Way to Travel in Today's World

Cruising is the safest way to travel if you want to experience the world while protecting your health. Today's cruises feature the highest employee vaccination rates across industries, and all guests must test negative before boarding. And, while cruises have reduced their capacity, they have kept their staff levels at an all-time high. This means excellent service and an even more spacious experience. If you've never cruised before, now's your chance to travel the world safely.

Your Safety Is Guaranteed 

When you are traveling with your family, you want to know that everyone will be safe. As the safest way to travel, this is something cruise lines guarantee. Cruise lines are mandated to have a minimum 95% vaccination rate for guests and 100% for employees, and they only allow guests who have tested negative recently to board their ship. No other place or type of transportation requires this, including airplanes, hotels, or movie theaters. Additionally, cruises enforce their mask policy. They require masks to be worn by everyone indoors and have their restaurant crews wear medical N95 masks. If you're looking to relax, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be safe on a cruise ship.

You'll Receive Excellent Care 

Cruises are already known for their high-quality care and support for guests. Today, since cruises limit the number of guests that can board their ships, guests receive even better care. With fewer guests to manage and the same staff levels, staff can dedicate more time to helping each guest throughout their entire journey. From cooking excellent food to cleaning guest accommodations, the quality of service is going even higher.

Experience an Amusement Park 

From racetracks to roller coasters, cruise ships today offer the amusement park experience while traveling the open ocean. If you're yearning for fun experiences with the whole family, cruise ships have you covered. Whether it's finding something to do while you're traveling between ports or experiencing a new thrill, you'll be amazed at the fun everyone can find on the cruise ship. Additionally, you'll have the reassurance that you can stay safe while having fun.

There's Amazing Food 

If you've felt anxious about exploring new restaurants, it's time to book a cruise. Cruises offer the best of the best cuisine and always strive to captivate their guests with unique tastes. Additionally, all your meals and most of the restaurants on ships are included in your price! You can experiment with all the foods you want to try and if you don’t love it, order something else – it’s already paid for! With meals inspired by your cruising destinations to exciting fusion foods, you're bound to find your new favorite cuisine.

Live Music Exclusively for You! 

Since the start of the pandemic, live music has been a glimmer on the horizon. Cruise ships have changed that. Today's ships feature the world's best and most versatile musicians (who often take requests from their audiences). Because of the reduced capacity on cruise ships, you can count on an even more intimate live music experience. Get ready for the perfect date night or get-together with friends while sailing smoothly beneath the stars.

Looking for The Safest Way to Travel? Book A Cruise Through TravelPerks 

In today's world, cruising is the safest way to travel. With the highest employee vaccination rates across industries, cruise ships are taking COVID seriously. They enforce their mask policy and only allow guests on board if they have tested negative recently. You can also count on excellent customer service with their high staff-to-guest ratios. To find the hottest deals for the industry's best cruise lines, book through TravelPerks today.

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"In today’s environment, booking vacations is hard. Why? There are a million and one websites out there that all have information on them. You can look at peer reviews until you are blue in the face. Is this ship really that bad? Is it the best thing ever? Is the resort awesome? Was it an isolated incident? Who knows.And sorting through all of them and figuring out what is real and what is somebody making a mountain out of a molehill takes time.

Which is where Theresa comes in. We love working with her for our vacations. It generally involves a quick phone call giving her a budget and the vibe we are looking for. And then go on an awesome vacation. No pecking through reviews and pricing that should be written in hieroglyphics. Just straight-up advice and no-nonsense planning.

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