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Voted the #1 river cruise line, Viking provides an unbelievable river cruise experience. From the moment you reserve a cruise with Viking, you’re in for a luxurious cultural experience that will transform and enlighten you. Here’s what you can expect while taking a Viking River Cruise!

Life Onboard

Viking River cruise ships are designed to transport you gently to the world’s greatest cities in luxury. With expansive windows that span the vessel and many outdoor areas, you can enjoy the extraordinary views and sunshine as you make your way to the next destination.

Onboard, there are multiple areas where you can relax and make the most of your time on the river. The Lounge is full of comfortable seating and a bar and is where you can find daily presentations and nightly entertainment. In the library, you can borrow a book and cozy up or use one of the multiple computers ready to use. The library is curated with hand-selected books to enhance your experience onboard, from art history to destination-focused materials.

Don’t forget about your stateroom! All staterooms are outside facing with a river view, with all upper and middle deck staterooms having a full veranda or French balcony for your relaxation.

Veranda Suite

Viking ensures you will have a rich cultural experience onboard with activities designed for immersive enrichment. During your time onboard, you can participate in multiple cultural enrichment opportunities:

Guest Lectures and Port Talks

Experts deliver lectures and multimedia presentations that will give you everything you need to prepare for your next destination, giving an overview of architecture, music, art, and more.

Destination Performances

Every Viking itinerary has at least one destination performance that will represent the cultural performing art from the region, such as the Viennese opera.

Craft and Cooking Demonstrations

Learn the crafts of your destination by learning from local artisans of the area. Depending on your itinerary, you can experience presentations such as language classes, glassblowing, coffee making, and demonstrations of how to make recipes from the region.

Classical and Regional Musicians

Viking invites a wide range of musicians onboard, performing classical music to add to your onboard enrichment.

While you relax and immerse yourself in luxury onboard, you will have a thoughtful, caring staff with you the entire time you’re cruising. The team onboard goes above and beyond to make you comfortable and happy, all while being there to help you with anything you may need during your trip. Whether it’s the chef remembering your breakfast order or the concierge helping you plan a memorable experience at the port, you’ll feel supported and comfortable with everyone onboard.


Your dining experience onboard is based on where you’re headed and will bring your destination to life. Locally sourced ingredients are featured in the fresh meal options and regional cuisine, allowing you to immerse yourself in your travels completely!

Sky Bar- Viking Saigon

All Viking River cruises provide welcome cocktails on the first day of your cruise and a farewell dinner on the last day. There’s a dining schedule, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner occurring roughly at the same time every day. Depending on where your ship is traveling that day, you can generally expect mealtimes to look like this:

Breakfast- 7am-10am

Lunch- 12pm-2pm


For breakfast, you have the option of ordering off a small menu from the restaurant or attending the continental breakfast or breakfast buffet. Breakfast options are of a wide variety, with an extensive selection of foods and other delicacies related to your destination.

Dining options for lunch and dinner vary by day, and you can choose to eat in the restaurant or outside on the terrace. Offering the most al fresco dining experience on European rivers, the Aquavit Terrace allows you to watch the picturesque landscapes as you enjoy your meal and the company of others onboard.

Hot coffee, tea, and bottled water are always complimentary onboard. Soft drinks, wine, and beer are complimentary during lunch and dinner and can be purchased outside those times for an extra charge.

Dine on the Aquavit Terrace


Viking includes an excursion at every port, allowing you to tour the cultural and historical landmarks you learned about while sailing to your destination. Knowledgeable tour guides guide you through the architecture, history, and people that define your destination. There are even separate tour groups for different paces, so you’ll be able to learn at a rate that’s perfect for you.

If you want to dive more deeply into your surroundings, you have the option to join curated specialty tours. With The Viking Way® of exploration, you get behind-the-scenes access and rare opportunities that allow you to experience culture like never before.

Viking offers insights into local life and the working world by taking a glimpse into the world of the people who live there. Tour impressive wine cellars, learn the art of truffle hunting from a local farmer and his hound or meet the man who leads the house of Camus Cognac. Optional Privileged Access® experiences enable you to visit places that are otherwise hard to visit! Visit a museum after-hours to view rarely seen collections, attend cultural performances, or be a guest at palaces not open to the public. The possibilities are endless with Viking!

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