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Employee Incentives

Whether you provide your employees a Top 100 place to work, or are
in an industry that demands low pay and tough working conditions, incentivizing
your staff can be difficult. Consider this example of the power of travel

Every year thousands of young men and women apply to be flight
attendants — why? They have long hours,
cramped conditions, generally unhappy customers in the best of weather and very
unhappy when bad weather hits. The
reason is that when they clock out, they could find themselves somewhere
amazing, and being paid for it.

Whether serving drinks at 30,000 feet or selling your latest
product, travel is a huge motivator.
Cash bonuses fade quickly, but provide an experience that makes someone
feel something as emotionally satisfying as travel can be — and you'll have a
much more dedicated and motivated employee.

For many companies, incentive travel is offered if certain
objectives are achieved. For others,
travel is a longevity reward or a team building benefit (see our section on
Team Building).

  • According to the U.S. Travel Association, for
    every dollar spent in travel, businesses will see revenues increase by an
    average of $12.50, resulting in an average profit increase of $3.80. There are very few investments that will
    return 380% profit, but travel is one of them!
  • Incentive programs have been proven to
    increase sales, boost productivity, retain employees, hold on to top talent,
    promote teamwork, and decrease turnover.
  • The International Society for Performance
    Improvement has found that incentive programs often increase the individual
    performance by 22% and team performance by 44%.

A well-designed travel incentive program will have a lower
out-of-pocket cost than a similar sized wage-incentive plan. A cash bonus can easily get overlooked when
it goes to pay bills or lower debt. Give
your staff member a fabulous vacation and they will return grateful and with
pictures that remind them of how great it is to work for your firm.

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"As we started out onour excursion in Juneau (to Mendenhall Glacier) there were a group of BaldEagles, in a certain area by Sandy Beach, and our tour guide made a quick,unexpected stop, so we could take photos.  It was an amazing once-in-lifetime trip. Thank you for assisting us in our travel arrangements!"
– Colleen L. - Norwegian Pearl (Seattle to Alaska)

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