Travel Apps That Make Vacations More Enjoyable

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Image Travel Apps That Make Vacations More Enjoyable

A good travel app can make things a whole lot easier. From safety and
security to general comfort, there are a ton of travel apps to address even the
smallest of traveler’s concerns, and we’ve gathered some of the essentials here
just for you!

An App for: Packing

Ensure you never forget a thing for your next trip. With
apps like
PackPoint, you can type
in the destination and select the activities planned to create a customized
packing list for your trip. It will even check the weather to make sure you are
packing all the essentials. You can also share the list with your fellow travelers,
so nothing is ever left behind.

An App for: Speaking the Language

If you are traveling to foreign countries, be sure you’re
prepared with an app that helps you speak the common language.
Google Translate is a lifesaver
for any mono-linguist traveler. Translate from 103 different languages just by
typing or drawing the word or phrase. Use your phone’s camera to hold up to
street signs or even restaurant menus for instant translations. The best part
is that the app works without using a wireless connection, so you can explore
data-free. Navigate with confidence and even learn a thing or two about the
native tongue.

An App
for: Maps & Directions

Don’t leave home without a solid navigation app for
exploring. Apps like
Maps.Me or City Mapper offer downloadable
maps with turn-by-turn navigation, traffic updates and can even pinpoint local
hotspots to check out. Explore points of interest from restaurants to tourist
attractions, all with step-by-step directions. Even create driving, walking and
cycle routes to save extra time, or just to take in the scenery.

An App
for: Chatting

Make sure your clients can always stay in touch with
friends and family.
WhatsApp provides free
voice calls and messaging when you are connected to Wi-Fi. The group chat
feature also allows you to share messages, photos and videos to share your

An App
for: Peace of Mind

Alleviate jet lag and reset your sleep clock with the
help of
Binaural Beats—repetitive
sounds that cultures around the world have relied on for centuries to create
relaxed states of mind. Besides helping you sleep, the beats can improve focus
and attention, foster learning, and reduce anxiety, according to the app’s

An App
for: Time Zones

You will never lose track of time again. With an app like
Circa, travelling to
multiple locations across different time zones has never been easier; find the
best times for connecting flights and send invitations to other travelers in
different time zones to meet up. Now you will never miss a beat no matter how
far apart you are.

An App
for: Personal Security

Geosure is a location-sensitive
personal security app will provide a safety score reflecting health risks,
political uprisings, and environmental threats, and gives crowd-sourced
information about thefts and assaults that have occurred in the area.

Helpful apps can improve every aspect of your trip and
can reduce stress, helping you enjoy your vacation time even more. A little
planning goes a long way, and no one understands that more than the Vacation
Consultants at TravelPerks.

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of cruise lines and resorts
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