Viking River Cruises is Coming to the United States!

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Image Viking River Cruises is Coming to the United States!

When you think about a cruise vacation you might immediately
think of large vessels on the ocean, or far away destinations in foreign
countries, but did you know that river cruising in the United States is an
option? Two cruise lines have been operating for years in the US, mainly on the
Mississippi in the South, and the Columbia in the Pacific Northwest, however in
recent years itineraries in the US have expanded to include New England and

Taking a river cruise in the United States is an excellent
option for Americans that don’t want to deal with the hassle of foreign
paperwork, or don’t want to invest in the expense, or time it takes to reach a
foreign country. And it would seem the American river cruise market is about to
expand with even more options for American, and international, tourists. Viking
is coming to the US!

Viking River Cruises is the undisputed “world’s leading river
cruise line” ( capturing the largest share of the river
cruise market currently. Winning many awards and accolades through the years, they have proven the title as well. Now this behemoth in the market is moving
in on United States rivers.

Unlike the river ships that currently sail the Mississippi,
Viking river ships will be much larger, five stories tall to be exact, with the
ability to carry 400 passengers (the average US river cruise ship carries
approximately 150 passengers). By 2021 Viking plans to have six vessels on the
Mississippi river with itineraries round-trip from New Orleans. Currently they
are not releasing plans to expand to other US rivers but one can assume they

If 2021 is too far away for you to wait, give us a call and
we can help you navigate the other river cruise options currently available in
the US, otherwise we will all be waiting with baited breath for this luxurious
brand to begin cruising here in the US.


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