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With travel still predominantly on hold, staying close to home is the name of the game. With everyone dreaming of a European summer, it can feel disappointing to consider another road trip to a national park. Toss out your preconceived notions of close-to-home vacations and start exploring a trip to Alaska.

Something for Everyone

From Luxurious all-inclusive resorts to backcountry camping, there is bound to be an accommodation you will love. With a variety of summer, winter & fall activities, you can plan your trip when it is most convenient for you. Alaska is the perfect place to plan a vacation according to your schedule, not the destination’s.

Few people consider a visit to our nation’s forty-ninth state. Its vast size can make planning a trip feel intimidating. The state is divided into different regions, each featuring its own unique attractions. Southcentral Alaska is home to more than half of the state’s population. The Kenai region has some of Alaska’s most impressive landscapes. The inside passage of Alaska is the perfect place to see wildlife like whales and sea lions. Russian settlers left their influence on the architecture of churches throughout the region. The arctic region is the ultimate destination to experience the stunning beauty of the Northern lights. The Inupiat people are local to this region, passing their culture down verbally through generations.

Winter Activities

Winter is Alaska’s hidden gem. If you can brave the winter chill, you are destined to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are not a fan of subzero temps, stay along the coast where temps rarely sink below twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Explore the jewel-toned skies as the northern lights dance through the night in Alaska’s arctic region.

Experience one of Alaska’s most well-known adventures, glacial dog sledding! Take in the winter wonderland from the comfort of a warm sled pulled by adorable working huskies. Immerse yourself in the state’s culture with their annual winter festival, the ten-day Fur Rondy Festival. Experience traditional activities like outhouse races, dog sled races, and team snowball fights.

This state is the ultimate destination for winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, and exploring on snowmobiles. Try your hand at ice fishing, or step onto the ice and try skating! Winter is a great time to visit, with most fares up to 50% off the summer rates.

Summer Activities

Summer is the best time for families to travel, with kids out of school and warm weather to make life easier. Alaska is the perfect summer destination for your family, with a variety of adventures everyone will love. The days are long, and the air is filled with vibrant energy with wildlife in full bloom. Enjoy the chance to see bald eagles and bears on a guided tour.

The luxurious Alyeska resort is filled with fun summer activities for the entire family. Zipline through the canopy of trees or take the aerial tram to the top of mt. Alyeska. The resort features a bike course with a variety of downhill trails for all skill levels. Find Zen in a 74-minute yoga flow, followed by treatments at the Nordic spa.

For those of us who love fishing, enjoy the ultimate experience with a multi-day fishing tour. Dreaming of catching wild Alaskan salmon? You are in luck; you can choose from tours that focus on King Salmon, Red Salmon, and Silver Salmon. If you are hoping to experience more wildlife, book a fishing and bear-watching tour. Salmon is not your only option. Experience the rush of catching wild halibut or the highly sought-after trout!

The Alaskan Fjords

The fjord lands are some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. With very few throughout the world, many people miss the opportunity to experience them in their lifetime. One of America’s little-known gems is the Alaskan fjords. Alaska is one of the only fjord areas where you can experience a diverse array of wildlife alongside the stunning landscape. Here, the glaciers meet mountains and the ocean to create a setting of diverse natural beauty.

There is a variety of ways to experience this natural wonder. Boat tours allow you to get up close and personal with the diverse wildlife. This is easily one of the best ways to cover the park in a smaller amount of time. If you’re looking to make this a primary stop on your trip, experience a stay in one of the park’s public-use cabins. Kayak through the glaciers and hike the Harding Ice Trail. Help your kids become junior park rangers!

This park is filled with unique experiences for the entire family!


If you are seeking a laid-back, all-inclusive experience, Camp Denali is sure to impress. Located in Denali National Park, it is a secluded place to take in this state's natural beauty. Enjoy your own private log cabin and experience the comfort of a slow-paced vacation.

The Kenai Princess Lodge is the ultimate place for a luxurious stay. Their upgraded suites welcome you to a comfortable stay in the Alaskan wilderness. The resort features two dining options, Rafters Lounge and Rod & Reel restaurant. Located along the Kenai River, guests can take advantage of the beautiful Kenai Nature Trail.

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