Why You Should Use a Travel Agent to Book a Celebrity Cruise

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Image Why You Should Use a Travel Agent to Book a Celebrity Cruise


Top Three Reasons:

1) We are unbiased experts who share
information the cruise lines and resorts won’t.

2) It does NOT cost more and should
save you money and time.

3) We are paid by the cruise lines and
tour operators, NOT you.

     We are constantly updating our product knowledge through continuing education (product & destination seminars, tradeshows, seminars at sea, site inspections), by building professional relationships with the cruise lines, district sales managers, and getting valuable client feedback. Our office is filled with people who love travel and we most likely have someone who has "been there and done that", and who will share that knowledge with you.
    We have the same rates and promotions as the cruise lines, resorts, and tour operators ("vendors") but we also have access to specially negotiated rates, such as exclusive group rates, regional specials, or other rates only available to our agency. A vendor agent can never offer you a group rate for an individual booking – we do it every day for our clients. The bottom line is that we cost you nothing and can actually save you money. We offer better and lower cost travel protection policies than many direct vendors. Let’s not forget the old adage "Time is Money." We also save you a lot of time by doing the research for you and giving you the ability to ask questions of experts.
    We work for YOU and have YOUR best interests in mind. We do not work for any one specific vendor. We research information specific to you and find the best rates, itinerary, and accommodations that are right for you. Booking direct is a "one size fits all" scenario. They can only sell their company, whether it is the right option for you or not. A company agent can never recommend another cruise line or vendor and they are trained and paid to follow the path of least resistance—to get your money and get you off the phone as quickly as possible. They won’t suggest alternatives that are in your best interest unless it means a bigger sale.
    professional vacation specialists, we share our knowledge &
    experience. We will get to know you personally, by asking important questions, so that we have a better understanding of your vacation needs and dreams. We’re a small office of dedicated professionals, so you don’t have to worry about never speaking to the same person twice.
    PAY FOR:
    When you book directly with a vendor, you are paying for services even if you don’t use them. Travel agent commissions are always automatically built into the price of your cruise or tour—it is the way the industry has always priced itself. If you book direct, the company just pockets the commission, and you get nothing in return. When you book your vacation with us, you have an advocate. Someone who will be with you from start to finish and even after you return from your vacation.  You represent just one booking to a vendor, while our office represents thousands...and our parent company represents hundreds of thousands. We have tremendous buying clout. You, unfortunately, do not. We work hard to build an open, honest, and long-lasting relationship with our valued clients.

That is why the majority of our clients are repeat travelers or referrals from
past clients.

It pays to use the services of a professional travel agent!

Imagine you are about to set sail on the fabulous vacation
you booked through a cruise line months ago. A vacation that you planned and
saved for over many months, is about to begin. You anxiously burst into your
stateroom only to find that the balcony you thought you would relax on, is
obstructed. Trying to stay positive, you get ready to have a good night’s rest and
wake up the next day to embark on your first shore excursion. However, you rest
very little, because all night you hear the dragging and moving of chairs in
the lounge above you. In the morning, grouchy and tired, you soon find yourself
stuffed into a coach with over sixty other travelers headed out on the same
excursion. It is not what you expected at all.

But, there is another way. Booking with a travel agency like
TravelPerks ensures that you will choose the right cabin and cruise for you. We are unbiased experts ready to devote our personal attention to you, and share information the cruise lines and resorts won't. Our
agents know how to navigate selecting a cabin based on price, location, and your needs. It does not cost you more to use a travel agent but should save you time and money. We partner with our own
shore excursions group, guaranteeing you a lower price on excursions than the
cruise line offers, as well as smaller group sizes. We are paid by the cruise lines and tour operators, not you. To learn more about why you should use TravelPerks to book your next cruise, click here.

Thinking of a Celebrity Cruise? Do you know if you would
prefer the Solstice-Class, Millennium-Class, or Edge-Class ship? Do you know how
to monitor your cruise for a price drop, and grab that new price? All these
questions can be answered and assisted by our expert travel agents.

Celebrity Cruises is a contemporary line known for innovation
in cruising. Let’s check out three of the most interesting facts about Celebrity

1. Female Captain

Captain Kate McCue is currently captain of Celebrity’s
newest ship, The Edge. Not only is she one of the very few female captains in
the industry, but she and her cat have become Instagram celebrities. With two separate
Instagram accounts (@captainkatemccue, and one devoted purely to her cat
@bugnaked) the two share their adventures in sailing. McCue is a shining
example of the next generation of ship captains, and Celebrity no doubt loves
being represented by her.

2. New Ship

The first Celebrity Edge-class ship launched at
the end of 2018 and made a splash with its interesting, and never-before-seen
features. The most dramatic being a “magic carpet” platform that hangs out over the
right side of the ship. The platform rises and falls during the day, becoming
a bar/lounge, or a platform to load passengers onto tender boats. Other exciting offerings on this new ship include innovation in performance, with Eden. Eden combines a moving performance with a bar/restaurant atmosphere in the evening, and a garden oasis during the day. Intending to push the envelope, Celebrity surely brings a fresh perspective to cruising.

3. Dining

Celebrity is known in the industry for their excellent
food and dining having won many awards over their years. If eating good food and trying delicious culinary creations is
your idea of a vacation, then Celebrity is your cruise line. From steak to vegan
they have everyone covered. And right now we are celebrating Celebrity Cruises
all month (March 2019). Book your cruise in the month of March and receive free
specialty dining for two, on us*! Call today to learn more. 

*Subject to restrictions including stateroom and itinerary. Call to find out if your cruise qualifies. 

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From Our Clients...

Never a Single Problem

"We've never had a single problem with the people or the bookings at TravelPerks. I talked with someone in the shuttle to LAX and their holiday was a booking disaster so I gave them your web address with high recommendations.." 
– Robert C. - DisneyLand Vacation

Special Experience

Appreciated the desire and willingness to do whatever it took to make our trip memorable.  There are always things that can't be helped [flight delays] but it was easy to see the effort put into making the experience special."
– Janet B. - AMABella - Holiday Markets 2014

Lifetime Customers

"TravelPerks has always taken such good care of our cruise plans and always provides updated information as it becomes available. We are lifetime customers of TravelPerks!" 
– Jeff W. - Celebrity Silhouette

Once In A Lifetime Trip

I was talking about TravelPerks during our state presentation, and a member commented that they had booked cruises through TravelPerks and had a fabulous experience! They both said that you guys were super easy to work with and explained everything well and they felt cared for. It's not often we get members interrupting a presentation to put it out there that they had a great experience!

– FOP - Proud Partner

Booking a Vacation is FUN!

"In today’s environment, booking vacations is hard. Why? There are a million and one websites out there that all have information on them. You can look at peer reviews until you are blue in the face. Is this ship really that bad? Is it the best thing ever? Is the resort awesome? Was it an isolated incident? Who knows.And sorting through all of them and figuring out what is real and what is somebody making a mountain out of a molehill takes time.

Which is where Theresa comes in. We love working with her for our vacations. It generally involves a quick phone call giving her a budget and the vibe we are looking for. And then go on an awesome vacation. No pecking through reviews and pricing that should be written in hieroglyphics. Just straight-up advice and no-nonsense planning.

Prior to using Theresa’s team, I would spend hours planning and routing and reading. Now? I pick the phone up or I email the awesome team and they takecare of me and we get to enjoy our vacation. If you are booking a large group or an intimate vacation, I highly recommend Theresa and her team. Awesome to do business with and they make vacations FUN!"

– Ben - Atlanta, GA

Unique Travel Experiences

"TravelPerks provides us their unique personal touch on all of our cruises to make it successful" 
– Leslie Gaffney - Former Executive @ Sony