Sail Away with these Money Saving Tips

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Image Sail Away with these Money Saving Tips

You’ve finally booked your dream cruise and you’ve found thebest possible deal! Or have you? When it comes to cruising, the options arelimitless. From itineraries and room categories to dining times and drinkpackages, travelers are overloaded with decisions without possessing thenecessary knowledge to make them. To avoid the post-cruise bill sticker shockand overspending, check out some of these ways to save money when booking yournext cruise!

Best Booking Practices

One of the most popular questions when it comes to cruisingis, “How do I find the best deal?” While there is no formula, here are someguidelines to follow for getting the best value out of your cruise!

Book during Wave Season

Wave Season, January through March, is the cruise industry-speak time for promoting and selling! As a result, it is one of the best times for travelers to take advantage of huge savings and additional bonuses such as onboard credit or inclusive drink packages. Monitoring promotions and pricing to ensure the best deal on your vacation can be stressful. Stay up to date on exclusive promotions and offers by subscribing to the TravelPerks newsletter.

Book Early or Book Onboard

Cruise lines run promotions year-round, often featuring the best deals during Wave Season. Booking your cruise ahead of time, at least six months in advance, can save you thousands of dollars! If your travel dates are flexible or you live in a port of call, you may be able to take advantage of last-minute sales. Insider tip: cruise lines often run flash sales close to the date of departure to fill empty cabin space. Additionally, cruise lines reward you when you book your next cruise onboard. Take advantage of exclusive offers and promotions plus included perks! Learn how your cruise fare can be monitored by our expert team of travel Advisors.

Home Ports and Resident Rates

Another way to save money on your cruise, cruise close to home! Traveling to and from the port of call can be costly, depending on how far you live from the ocean. The newest ships are often located in larger, expensive ports of call. To save some money, it might be worth trading that newer ship for a smaller, less expensive port city. For those who live in or around port cities, you may be eligible for special resident rates or promotions. All cruise lines require travelers to bring proof of residency to the pier when boarding for verification. For more information on resident rate savings and port cities, contact your Travel Advisor or your cruise line.

Know What's Included

Cruise ships have evolved immensely in the past decade, notjust in size but in amenities and entertainment. Here are some ways to avoid breakingthe bank while getting the most out of your cruise!

Take advantage of the complimentary amenities covered byyour cruise fare! Thinking of purchasing an unlimited drink package or addingon an internet package for your stateroom? You might want to think twice. Somecruise lines charge up to $100 per person, per day for an unlimited beverage package.Save money by staying updated on current offers. Often cruise lines will includedrinks, specialty dining, or an internet package in your cruise fare undercertain promotions.

Looking for other ways to save onboard? Take advantage of theincredible complimentary entertainment and activities. Enjoy live music,stand-up comedy, bingo, guest lectures, and more all without spending a dimeonboard! Your kids will have fun too with age-appropriate children’s clubs,sprawling waterparks with plummeting waterslides, mini-golf, basketball, andmovie nights. There is no shortage of inclusive entertainment onboard yourcruise ship.

Booking a cruise can be exciting but intimidating, especiallyif it’s your first-time sailing. Researching and booking your dream vacation inadvance is one of the best ways to ensure you are receiving the best price andamenities. Want to ensure you receive the best deal and value on your cruise? Consider working with a travel agent to maximize savings and service. Plus, take advantageof resident rates or shorter travel distances for even more savings. Understandingthe fine print and what’s included in your cruise fare will help save you time,money, and stress before, during, and after your cruise!

Book your Dream Cruise and Save Today, call yourTravel Advisor!

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