How to Make the Most of Your Hawaii Vacation

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Image How to Make the Most of Your Hawaii Vacation

The Hawaiian Islands are a tropical paradise, and their stunning beaches attract tourists from all around the world! Because of its popularity and location, a vacation to this destination can feel out of reach for some. But, a vacation to this beautiful destination does not have to break the bank. Check out our tips on how to make the most of your budget while enjoying a dream vacation!


Not only will you benefit from the quiet beaches and excursions, but you will also

save a lot of money by traveling in Hawaii's off-season. Spring and Fall are the low seasons for travel in Hawaii. During this time flights, hotels, and cars are less expensive and more readily available.

So which month is best? October is the perfect month to visit Hawaii, with great weather, fewer tourists, and a variety of local festivals and events going on. The weather in Hawaii in October sits between 72 degrees and 86 degrees on average, with only about 9 rainy days in the month. If you visit in the beginning half of the month, you will likely avoid these rainy days!


Jet lag is bound to happen when you fly to Hawaii, but those 4 am wake-ups don't have to be a bad thing. Hawaii is famous for its lush hikes and tall peaks. Embark on an early morning adventure and enjoy the sunrise from the summit of a Hawaiian peak. Early morning tours are also great with fewer people and more serene ocean conditions.

What morning tour should you take? Snorkeling is best when you do it in the morning. You benefit from calm oceans, and might have the opportunity to experience additional wildlife like dolphins! Experience the vast and stunning landscape of the ocean floor, start your day off with this invigorating tour!


There are a variety of local fruit stands, markets, food trucks, and grocery stores across the Hawaiian islands. Indulge in a taste of local food with an acai bowl from the fruit stand or fish tacos from a food truck. Happy hour is hugely popular as well. You can experience a variety of cuisine for $5-$10 per plate.

How can you find the best local spots? The concierge at your hotel is the perfect resource for getting the inside scoop on local hot spots. They have had ample time to explore, experience, and taste to find the best food and service around the island. The spots around your hotel are generally filled with high-price restaurants and activities. Taking advantage of local spots can save you money while giving you a more authentic experience! Ask your concierge what their favorite local spot is!


Rental cars can quickly become one of the more expensive parts of your Hawaii trip, so go ahead and skip it if you can! Uber & Lyft are a great option to get from point A to point B. Oahu is one of the best islands for free transportation. The bus system in Oahu is great for getting around with frequent busses traveling many routes. If you do have plans that require a car, like driving the Road to Hana on Maui, then plan to rent your car for a day or two instead. This will allow you to experience your vacation fully without breaking the bank.

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