21 Travel Hacks You Definitely Need to Know

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Image 21 Travel Hacks You Definitely Need to Know

Traveling (especially internationally) can be a daunting task. Make things a little easier on yourself by following these 21 travel hacks, and spend more time actually enjoying your vacation!

1. Throw a
dryer sheet or the hotel bar soap in with your dirty laundry to keep your bags
smelling fresh for the entire trip.

2. Keep your power cords organized and accessible by stowing them in an old sunglasses case.(Tweet this Travel Hack)


3. Leave
the hot tools at home- spritz hair with sea salt spray, wrap with a towel,
sleep on it, and reveal beachy waves.

4. Avoid scrounging around for missing earrings and tangled necklaces - use
pill containers to store and sort your jewelry.


5. Ditch bulky cosmetic bags by stashing small amounts of makeup or lotion in contact lens cases.

6. Save space in your suitcase (and fit more items) by rolling clothes instead of
folding them.


7. Bring an empty reusable water bottle to fill up
for free after security check-in at the airport.

8. Keep bobby pins, q-tips or toothpicks in tic-tac


9. Take advantage of ALL available space in your suitcase by stuffing hollow items (like shoes) with socks and underwear.

10. Don't get rejected! Call your credit card company before you travel
to authorize international purchases.

11. Forgot your wall charger? Check that hotel TV
for a USB port.


12. Headed to the beach? Stick your phone in a
plastic bag to keep out the surf and sand!

13. Scan your important documents, like passport,
drivers license or i.d. and email them to yourself before you leavejust in

14. Protect wine bottles in your suitcase by putting
them inside your shoes.

15. Hide emergency cash and valuables inside empty Chapstick


16. Prevent broken powder makeup by packing with
cotton balls.

17. Fold your blazer inside-out to prevent wrinkles
when packing in your suitcase.

18. Wear a hoodie on the plane; its great for many
climates and you can fold it into a comfy pillow.

19. Roll your belt up inside your shirt to keep your collars nice and crisp.


20. Bring magnetic hooks to create more hanging
space in your hotel room or cruise cabin.

21. Check your rooms Gideon Bible for unused
coupons or drink vouchers left by previous occupants.

And there you have it 21 ways to help ensure your vacation is a success!
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