Invoice Notes


Our Service Levels are designed to give you the greatest value and flexibility of service. In many cases, the service level you're provided is a complimentary extra value provided as part of our overall value to you. In some cases, you may choose to upgrade your service level at a small cost to ensure that the trip has some of the more exotic details taken care of by our staff. Here is a list of our service levels and link to more detail:

  • Deluxe: Means you are receiving our Deluxe list of services - A $29.95 value
  • Platinum: Means you are receiving our Platinum list of services + all Deluxe services - A $59.95 value
  • Concierge+: Means you are receiving our Concierge+ list of services + all Deluxe and Platinum services - see Service Fee Levels - A $119.95 value

Click Here to view full details of our Service Levels

Rate Code: 

Your Vacation Specialist should have reviewed the specific rate code restrictions for your reservation with you at the time of booking. The invoice notes section will provide a shorthand summary of the rate code. Some of the shorthand codes are explained here, but you should check with your Vacation Specialist for full details as you are solely responsible for adhering to and providing any needed documentation to satisfy the conditions of the pricing provided.

  • Standard: All normal supplier terms and conditions, normal penalties in effect
  • Group: You are getting special pricing as part of a contract we have negotiated with the vendor. Some restrictions may apply. Ask your Vacation Specialist for Details
  • Senior: Requires at least one person in the reservation to meet the supplier’s definition of Senior Citizen (usually 55+)
  • Special: All normal supplier terms and conditions, plus other restrictions and or potential penalties. See your vacation specialist for details
  • Resident: Restricted fare that requires at least one person in the reservation to prove that they are residents of the state/country in which the special rate was offered
  • Flash: All normal supplier terms except no changes or cancellations without full penalties
  • Fun Select: 2 category upgrade, normal cancellation penalties, no price protection after final payment
  • Past Guest:  Special rates for guests who have traveled previously with the specified cruise line
  • Early Saver: Price protection up to 48 hours before departure, $50 per person change fee, no name changes, non-refundable deposit, normal cancellation penalties
  • Super Saver: Non-refundable deposit, no name changes, no sailing changes, normal penalties after the final payment deadline, guarantee cabins only, no price protection
  • Military: A rate provided to current and/or former service personnel. It usually requires supporting paperwork and can have discharge and service conditions


  • RF: Deposit is refundable
  • Non-RF: Deposit is non-refundable

Cash Back:

This is our gift to you, and it will be waiting for you in your mailbox when you return from your vacation

Notes: Estimate only - Recalculated (+/-) only if the costs and/or circumstances of your vacation change. This is the total amount for the entire cabin/room and always sent to the lead passenger in a cabin/room unless specifically instructed otherwise


This shows the cashback from the cruise and cashback from a complete travel package with insurance

Ship Credit

This stands for Onboard Credit provided as part of our Perks Plan and represents the funds that will be credited to your onboard charge account within 48 hours of sailing. Ship Credit can usually be spent on any onboard expenses like drinks, spa services, gifts, etc, and occasionally can be used for tipping. Ship Credit is usually non-refundable if not used.

Add’l Ship Credit:

This stands for Onboard Credit provide from other sources beyond our Perks Plan (supplier bonuses, group bonuses, special promotions, etc.) and represents the funds that will be credited to your onboard charge account within 48 hours of sailing. Ship Credit can usually be spent on any onboard expenses like drinks, spa services, gifts, etc, and occasionally can be used for tipping depending on the cruise line. Ship Credit is usually non-refundable if not used.


This is yet another wonderful bonus from us to you. The percentage listed is the amount of cashback you’ll earn on all shore excursions purchased through our partners, ShoreTrips or The Shore Excursion Group AND using either our website ( or the link that we have provided you. If you need the link to ensure you get your extra savings, please ask your Vacation Specialist.

Extra Bonus $: 

On occasion, we provide a second cash bonus as an additional thank you! The types of these bonuses include:

  • Spending Reimbursement: This is a TravelPerks Dream Vacations corporate promotion. Funds will be sent to you after your cruise. You must claim these funds within 60 days of the end of your trip. An email will be sent to you with full details 72 hours after your deposit and we will send a reminder email upon your return home. This promotion requires that the lead passenger on each reservation be subscribed to our emails and remain subscribed through the end of the trip.
  • Other: Please see your Vacation Specialist for full details.


These are extra bonuses that may have been arranged for you and, if noted on your invoice, below is an explanation:

  • Concierge Report: A detailed online electronic travel guide built specifically for your trip
  • Coupon Book: A coupon book will be provided to you offering you $100s of dollars of potential savings on your upcoming trip
  • Dinner: Dinner for 2 in a specialty restaurant - restrictions apply, see the certificate or your vacation specialist for details
  • Spa: You will be provided with a credit for the onboard spa. See your vacation specialist for details
  • Wine: A bottle of wine will be delivered to you onboard
  • Shore Excursion Credit: We are providing you with a promo code for use with excursions and tours. You must purchase the excursions through our partner, SEG, AND use the links we send you to do so. This promotion requires that the lead passenger on each reservation be subscribed to our emails and remain subscribed through the end of the trip.


Fuel: Your cruise line, airline, tour company, etc. reserves the right to add a fuel surcharge if they deem it necessary. While it is unusual that they would do this after the time of your deposit, they reserve the right to do so. We have no control over this practice.

Adv. Dep.: This indicates that you are using our "Next to Nothing" Deposit program. Your vacation specialist will have reviewed this program with you in detail, please ask them if you have any questions about the details. While the full details have been covered at the time of booking, it is important to remember that the initial $50 per person and the service fee are fully non-refundable from the time of the initial payment.

Other: This is everything else we wanted to draw your attention to.

Thank You and Happy Sailing!

Terms & Conditions: Taxes: While cabin pricing is firm once you have made your deposit, the cruise line terms and conditions do make the amount of the taxes changeable. While rare, taxes can increase or decrease after you deposit. Valid only on reservations made by/with TravelPerks Dream Vacations. "Next to Nothing Deposit" benefit is limited to sailings of three nights or longer booked at least 110 days before departure, and not valid on bookings requiring non-refundable deposits or final payment 110 days or more before departure. Sailing must depart within 18 months of the reservation date or the program service fee will be doubled. All deposits made under the Advanced Deposit Program as well as any service fees associated with the program are completely non-refundable. The amount of initial deposit must be paid 10 days before the date on which your final payment is due. If cancellation/rebooking occurs more than twice, the "Next to Nothing Deposit" benefit will become void and a full deposit will be required, and the program service fees collected to date kept without refund. "Cash Back" and "Ship Credit" benefits are per stateroom and are not reflected in advertised prices; actual amount will vary and is based on your vacation’s base commissionable package price, minus, but not limited to, airfare, transfers, non-commissionable costs, and adjusted for combinability with other promotions, rate codes, supplier limits, and other factors as determined by TravelPerks Dream Vacations. The amount will be sent as late as 4 - 6 weeks after the end of the trip but is targeted to arrive sooner. At this time no redemption activity (completion of an online form, etc.) is required, but one may be required at any time, even after your reservation has been made. "Shore Excursion" benefit is per stateroom and is not reflected in advertised prices. Valid for all excursions booked online through our website or the official links we provide. All benefits may be reduced or eliminated due to supplier rules and policies. Additional restrictions may apply to all benefits; please contact your dedicated agent for more information. Any Insurance Savings Benefit (increase Cash Back, Increased Ship Credit, Reduced Payment Amount) is valid only on insurance type LC4 or LC3 purchase at the time of the initial deposit. If the Insurance Benefit is paid by TravelPerks Dream Vacations at the time of purchase. Any portion of Insurance Premiums paid by TravelPerks Dream Vacations must be repaid by the client if a cruise or vacation package is canceled. Price reductions, adjustments, and changes to a booking after initial deposit make all benefits subject to reduction and/or elimination at the sole discretion of TravelPerks Dream Vacations. All terms, conditions, and benefits can be changed at any time, without notice.

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Worry Free!

"They take care of the customer and always keep you informed when you need to do something or when there is any changes - makes it worry free!"
– Jeff R. - Crown Princess

Not a Single Thing To Worry About

"TravelPerks was excellent and very efficient to do business with. All our questions were answered in a timely fashion by phone and email and I liked the fact that all representatives worked with us as a team. Thank you for organizing an amazing week for us."
– Lucille D. - RCCL Navigator of the Seas

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"We have had many vacations over the years, worked on every possible angle to stretch fun and funds. Theresa redefines service, the personal attention, genuine compassion and ferocious drive to make our experiences unique and special is unmatched.

Theresa takes the guess work out of the process by asking questions and listening to create your perfect getaway. We have worked with get for our last several vacations, and will continue for many years to come.

It is difficult to find anyone who knows how to provide this level of service, I would welcome the opportunity to help anyone understand why they should select TravelPerks  DreamVacations."

– Aaron S.


"You guys are awesome. You were very patient in taking my calls more than a few times, changed rooms according to our need couple of times and finally even sent the cash back check."
– Kesari - Carnival Miracle

Never a Single Problem

"We've never had a single problem with the people or the bookings at TravelPerks. I talked with someone in the shuttle to LAX and their holiday was a booking disaster so I gave them your web address with high recommendations.."
– Robert C. - DisneyLand Vacation

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"Words can not explain the marvelous time we had on our very first cruise. Theresa is the Best Travel Agent!! There was not a time when I called with questions that my questions went unanswered. Great Customer Service, Very Caring Travel Agents, always there to help, great prices, and last but not least I'm ready to go again!!!! Looking forward to Cruising in the near future!!. Again Thanks Theresa for all of ur help. If anybody ever needs a Travel Agent this company will be the only one that I would recommend."

– Shanda - Essex, MD